Masena welcomes us with new exquisite dishes this autumn.

28 de September de 2021

Today we wish to let you know that we have already inaugurated the season with new and exquisite dishes to meet your dining needs.

With the end of summer, the change of season always invites us to sample new dishes on the menus with gentle changes that translate into sensations and flavours that are perhaps more typical of the new autumn and Masena won’t disappoint you,  as we adapt each season to the new trends in cuisine so the flavours are always wonderful and tasty as our standards of cuisine and service never drop.

Our beautiful terrace surrounded by a lovely landscape gives it a special microclimate that doesn’t matter what time of day or night you go because you will always feel good with the surroundings.

Whether you’re going for a pleasant brunch, a casual lunch or fine dining, sitting at an indoor table or taking a spot on the wonderful terrace it all is the exquisite wonderful Mediterranean cuisine.

Give yourself plenty of time when you visit us as you will enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience.

A Mediterranean menu full of new flavours.

 Our chef Hamid Megrini Moujtahid, of Belgian and Moroccan roots, is always working on new creations to offer tasty classic Mediterranean recipes touch resulting in delicious innovative and surprising dishes such as the ones you will find below.

Seabass ceviche

Lobster and honey vinaigrette salad

Salmon tartar with wakame seaweed

Modernist cheesecake

If all this has whetted your appetite, don’t think twice and come meet us if you have not yet done so, we are sure you will love the Masena experience.

Hasta pronto amigos!